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(1)Sleep and waking up(睡觉/起床) Its time to go sleepy-bye.(到睡觉的时间了。) Sweat dreams.(做个好梦。) Its time to go to bed./Time for bed.(该上床了。) Its time to have a nap.(该午休了。) Wake up!(起床。) D

  (1)Sleep and waking up(睡觉/起床)

  It’s time to go sleepy-bye.(到睡觉的时间了。)

  Sweat dreams.(做个好梦。)

  It’s time to go to bed./Time for bed.(该上床了。)

  It’s time to have a nap.(该午休了。)

  Wake up!(起床。)

  Did you sleep well?(睡好了吗?)

  Time to get up.(该起床了。)

  (2)Getting dressed(穿衣)

  It’s time to get dressed(该穿衣服了。)

  What do you want to wear today?(今天想穿什么?)

  This shirt doesn’t go with those pants.(这件上衣和裤子不搭配。)

  Stand still. / sit still.(站好/坐好。)

  Now put on your sweater.(现在穿上毛衣。)

  Take your clothes off./ Take off your clothes.(脱衣服。)

  Pick up your socks, please.(请把袜子捡起来。)

  Put on your trousers/shoes/coat/cap.穿上你的裤子/鞋子/外套/帽子。

  (3)Meal time(吃饭)

  Come sit at the table。(过来坐在桌旁。)

  Stop playing with your food。(不要再玩食物了。)

  Don’t talk with your mouth full。(嘴里吃着不要说话。)

  Help Daddy do the dishes。(帮助爸爸收盘子。)

  Help Mommy to set the table。(帮助妈妈放桌子。)

  Help us clear off the table。(帮我们收拾桌子。)

  (4)Safty and injuries(安全和受伤)

  It’s bad for you!(这对你不好。)

  I have told you many times not to do that。(我已经告诉你好几遍了不要那样做。)

  Don’t sit too close to the TV。(不要坐的离电视太近。)

  It’s nothing. It’s just a little cut。(不要紧,只是小伤口)

  Don’t touch the electrical outlets。(不要碰电源插座)

  Don’t try to plug/put anything in the outlet。(不要试图拔或放任何东西在插座里。)

  Don’t touch anything on the stove。(不要碰炉子)

  The oven is very hot; you could burn yourself。(炉子很烫,你会烫着自己。)

  Those tools are too sharp; they’re only for grownups。(那些工具太锋利了,只有大人能用)

  Don’t use others cup; you could catch his cold/germs that way。(不要用别人的杯子,那样会传染病菌)

  Don’t play with fire; it’s dangerous。(不要玩火,危险)

  Wait for the green light before you cross the street。(等绿灯亮了再过马路)

  Always look both side before crossing the street. (过马路前一定看两边。)

  (5) Playing toys/games(玩玩具/游戏)

  Don’t leave toys on the floor where people will step on them。(不要把玩具放在地板上,别人会踩到它们)

  I’m going to count to ten。(我将数到十)

  Let’s pick up the toys and put them back。(咱们把玩具捡起来放回去。)

  Want to play hide and seek?(玩捉迷藏吗?)

  Ready or not, here I come。(准备好了吗?我来了)

  Please put the toys/books back on the shelf。(请把玩具/书放回架子上。)

  Want to play outside?(想出去玩吗?)

  (6) Bathroom talk(卫生间)

  Do you need to go potty?(你要去大/小便吗?)

  I need to go to the bathroom. (我要上厕所)

  Don’t unroll the toilet paper。(不要扯手纸。)

  Don’t use too much toilet paper。(不要浪费手纸。)

  Don’t pick your nose. / Don’t stick your fingers in your nose。(不要用手挖鼻子。)